Etaples & N. France

5 days
  • Ideal for Primary Schools
  • Market Visit, River Trip, Flemish Board Games
  • Suitable for WWII & Science trips
  • Perfect for the first experience of France
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from £357pp


2 days
  • A Day Trip or Residential Trip
  • Ideal for Primary Schools
  • Chocolate making, bakery visits
  • Traditional port and market town
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from £169pp

D-Day Normandy

5 days
  • Ideal for WWII studies
  • Battlefield and Museum Visits
  • Bayeux Tapestry & historic cities
  • Visit the landing beaches
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from £412pp

Golden Circle, South Shore & Blue Lagoon

4 days
  • Ideal for Geography & Geology groups
  • Centrally located accommodation
  • Wide variety of museums & cultural attractions
  • A wide range of country-wide activities
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from £889pp


4 days
  • Direct flights to Barcelona
  • Barcelona FC stadium, Picasso, Gaudi
  • Beachside accommodation near city
  • Experience Catalonian culture
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from £471pp

Bilbao & Santander

4 days
  • Direct flights to Bilbao
  • Hostel style accommodation
  • Art workshops, cave visits, boat tour
  • Experience Basque culture
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from £425pp

Granada & Andalusia

5 days
  • Direct flights to Malaga
  • Visit Alhambra, Nature activites Sierra Nevada
  • Hostel style accommodation
  • experience the culture of Andalusia
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from £506pp

Spanish in Salamanca

6 days
  • Direct flights to Madrid
  • Ideal for GCSE and A level revision
  • Host Family Accommodation
  • Extensive programme of activities
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5 days
  • Seaview location
  • Space Museum and theme parks
  • Ideal for primary schools
  • Day trip to Amsterdam
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Food Technology – Sorrento & Beyond

4 days
  • Direct flight to Naples
  • Food workshops and tastings
  • Ideal for KS3 and KS4
  • Option to add Pompeii visit
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