Visit the country that has left a powerful mark on Western culture. It is a country of great regional variety and offers a wide variety of opportunities to study history, experience a distinctive food culture and learn about Europe’s artistic heritage. From Naples and the south with its classical heritage and cultural vibrancy to Rome, the capital and home to the Vatican and Florence, the artistic jewel of Italy and the birthplace of the Renaissance, there is plenty to see and experience in Italy.

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3 night stay
  • Direct flights to nearby Pisa
  • Study Renaissance art and architecture
  • Visit historic and hill towns environments
  • Ideal for Art and Classical Studies
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3/5 night stay
  • Direct flight to Naples
  • Accommodation in nearby Sorrento
  • Pompeii, Vesuvius, Herculaneum
  • Urban vibrancy & food culture
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3 night stay
  • Direct flights to Rome
  • Sistine Chapel, Vatican, St Peter's
  • Civilisation - the Colosseum, the Roman Forum
  • Ideal for studying Language, Arts, the Classics
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