Visit this country of great cultural and regional diversity, from the northern coastlines of the Basque region to the artistic quirkiness of Catalonia and the Moorish south of Andalusia. Spain offers a variety of opportunities for school groups to study art, history, the natural environment, practice your Spanish language, experience the diverse food culture and the unique sporting heritage as exemplified by Barcelona F.C and bullfighting.

Spain is easily accessible by flights to Barcelona, Bilbao and Malaga amongst others. To find out more about our trips to Barcelona, Bilbao and Andalusia, see our range of packages below. If you need further assistance please contact us or call our friendly Tour Consultants on 020 8675 6636 who will be only too happy to help.

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  • Vols directs à destination de Barcelone
  • Stade de FC Barcelone, Picasso, Gaudi
  • Hébergement de bord de mer près de la ville
  • Expérience de la culture catalane
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Bilbao et Santander

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  • Vols directs à Bilbao
  • Hébergement de style auberge
  • Des ateliers artistiques, visites de grottes, excursion en bateau
  • Expérience culture basque
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Grenade et l’Andalousie

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  • Vols directs à Malaga
  • Visite de l'Alhambra, les activités Nature Sierra Nevada
  • Hébergement de style auberge
  • Découvrez la culture de l'Andalousie
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